Sex within marriage is supposed to be for both of the spouses’ pleasure

    Sex within marriage is supposed to be for both of the spouses’ pleasure


    In response to Emmanuel – glad you saw this article and read the comments. Marriage is not a good idea for men now.

    The hypocrisy is astonishing from the female camp. Unmarried women calling men “commitment phobes!” You see Emmanuel, they, as a group, are the reason that men have become less willing to commit, because women cannot commit and sustain a marriage once they are in to. ie’ it is an inversion – women’s inability to make the necessary sacrifices to sustain the marriage is the chief reason men no longer commit – it is becoming well known, and happily It is starting to filter down to your generation.

    As you grow older you will realise the reason successful societies are male dominated. Because women’s extreme range of emotional movement throughout their lives do not lend themselves to rules based orders. This is worsened exponentially today as the toxically feminised culture, actually congratulates and empathises with women that lack the self discipline to adhere to the strictures of marital life.

    In a more perfect society, young men and women should be educated to understand men’s consistent biological driven behavioural dynamics versus the highly cyclical/changing biology of women.

    Of course, all that is just a pipe dream. I will take generations to undo the damage that feminism has done to the west.


    Really Nice Blog you have written. Its really beneficial for those women who hesitate to talk openly. Actually most of the women facing this problem and there are so many reasons behind that. But without hesitating women should treat themselves or should talk openly. In this busy life because of so much work stress, anxiety it happens that women lose their desire so you can also cure this or boost your desire with medicine for female excitement.

    The one thing men who complain that they don’t have a satisfying sex life never seem to realize is that they are partially responsible for it. If they put more effort into giving pleasure to their wives instead of focusing entirely on what their wives can do for them, their wives wouldn’t lose interest. It’s not for the wife to cater to needs of the husband. If you see it that way, it’s no wonder your wife has lost interest. She feels used. Any husband who wants his wife to stay interested in him needs to make her pleasure the top priority, not an afterthought. If you don’t have a healthy sex life, it’s because you’re not doing this.

    – Understand the general message about shared responsibility. So both need to come together and not wait for the other to make that positive change 1st. If one feels used, it should be communicated in a way that promotes positive change from both. It is unproductive to make assumptions that anyone who doesn’t have a healthy sex life would mean one party is guilty of not pleasing the other enough. In the general example given, it would be reasonable to assume as well the wife didn’t give much of a motivation to encourage her husband to make her pleasure the top priority. This would be a somewhat more equitable interpretation of partial or shared responsibility.


    Great Blog In this blog you got into most of woman’s heads so deep.It helps to know that you are not the only one going through a certain issue. Also sometimes it’s hurtful to be rejected so many times and the only times he wants you, you have to say “no” because you are just too disconnected. I would however like to see more articles on this and I will definitely share this with couples.



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