Even among women who do enjoy sex before marriage, many don’t afterwards

    Even among women who do enjoy sex before marriage, many don’t afterwards

    The answer to that puzzle is no more feminist or politically correct. Women are attracted to high status guys, powerful men, men who are desired by other women. Knowing this it obvious why marriage leads to dead bedrooms.

    Therefore one might say that women may not have a “plot” but all women are extremely well aware that sex is quite important to males, and they behave in their rationale self-interest

    The married man is emasculated, the laws surrounding marriage mean his wife can destroy him financially whenever she pleases. If they have kids she can take them away, if they breakup she will more than likely get the house. Not only does this diminish his status in her eyes, it also becomes far less like he will cheat. The threat of other women is reduced.

    Women say they want long relationships but that is only half true. Sure they want a father, a provider but they don’t want long term sexual relationships because such relationships are a turn off. Not politically correct but it is the truth.

    Olivia Yetunde Alabi

    So no one has given any concrete or factual reason for their beliefs. Nothing is based on any proper study, yet the men here believe that women are part of this diabolical plan to trick men into marriage and provide. The women think the men must be crazy for expecting sexual urges to be constant. In the end, everyone looks for something to justify their beliefs and then their cause of action. Suppose you’re in a sexless and unhappy marriage; my condolences. Divorce is more accepted and if it’s not going to screw you over, then do it. If you’re not married, then it’s best not to get married if all these stories scare you so much, otherwise look for a candid sexual partner to marry. If you’re ing the other gender or your genetics is just a futile attempt to validate your egos which trueview promo code frankly already seems broken enough since you need to go so far to validate them. If your last three marriages didn’t work, then maybe you should start seeing it as a sign not to get married anymore because you’ve obviously made the wrong decision 3 times already, and newsflash, it means something is definitely wrong with your behavioral pattern (that, can actually be proven by facts)

    Hi Olivia – for myself I see no “diabolical plot” from women to trick men into marriage. However, men are understandably upset when they realize they have been lied to by the culture. Primarily because by the time they realize they’ve been lied to, its too late to do anything about it without taking major steps that will disrupt other aspects of his life. Its a shame. I really enjoy the company of single women. The things that they do when single are wonderful and fantastic. The few that don’t do those things, its quick and painless to simply stop dating them and move on. As someone mentioned earlier in this thread “Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.” The problem is that sex is a recurring need, whereas marriage commitment is a one-time thing that, once spent, renders the male with absolutely no leverage. The woman may parcel out sex sparingly, while the male is penniless, having cashed in his one and only piece of currency, commitment, long ago. What this thread hopefully accomplishes is to make sure that single males are aware of the looming power dynamic shift, and resulting behavioral change, so that they can either avoid marriage entirely – or, if sex isn’t important to them, go ahead and marry with a clear view of what will happen.



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