By the point Haku’s dying are told so you’re able to this lady once the she is actually effect most readily useful, Anju believed with sadness

    By the point Haku’s dying are told so you’re able to this lady once the she is actually effect most readily useful, Anju believed with sadness

    Into the Futari no Hakuowlo. Oshtor monitors on her when you are treating, the guy cheers the girl up as news of your impostor are known the Mikado. Anju appears around him as he had been masquerading Oshtor. Oshtor possess believe on her behalf, he anticipates much of their, considering the lady energy once the good Scion, the guy knows that she will be able to deal something that comes through to the woman, perhaps the Scion of Uitsualnemetia. He it is cares for her. Haku is actually amazed and you can frightened of the Anju supernatural strength you to definitely also he tries to prevent to have a training battle with the girl. Whenever Haku are revealed when he are perishing, Anju however takes into account your as Oshtor and her Sibling (today remembering this lady memories from the woman earlier in the day mind). She was glad one to Haku is back, nonetheless a little shocked on his disappearance. Because the she roam within the nation and Munechika and you can Mikazuchi, she appears toward discover the girl cousin once again. Haku in the course of time turned a father figure so you can Anju.

    Saraana Uruuru – By the point Mito provided him the Kamunagi off Stores, Haku thought kind of uncomfortable having them as much as at first, yet not he after locate them useful simply because they have been able to into having fun with magic and of telling him when his brother calls your. The guy goes simple on it of the telling them to perhaps not overcook anything from the risking the lifestyle, such as the go out they seal Vurai’s mask’s stamina. The guy identified one his cousin offered them to your getting safeguards. Once taking the alias from Oshtor, Saraana and you will Uruuru are the ones toward switching Haku’s appearance so you can Oshtor’s. In the Epilogue, Saraana Uruuru was search near to Haku because the travelling because goddess Mashiro.

    Abilities and you may Devices [ ]

    The guy doesn’t features a fuel or speed. Although not they are very wise on the quantity and you may restoring systems and this makes him a beneficial towards systems and you may he has a beneficial wisdom.

    Race strategies [ ]

    Initially his projects were able to stop to show the new tides out of race, such as for instance protecting the newest caught families of the new Yamatan that have been pressed to combat towards the invaders, he was in a position to product a plan to penetrate Tuskur’s camp so they really manage to blow-up meals provides, and then he managed to determine an approach to penetrate new Purple Funding thru undergroud to help you cut Anju and you can Oshtor.

    Their strategies is capable of turning the new tides from battle actually if he is for the downside inside count. He was able to get rid of Dekopompo whole army within the Race of Ennakamuy. He can observes a beneficial enemy’s ambush and you will goes very first next to his friends to prevent having the armed forces massacred. In the long run, his ideas turned fearsome in order to their opposition you to even Raiko knows they.

    Tessen [ ]

    He was considering the Tessen of the Kuon facing Gigiri, the same Tessen Hakuowlo utilized in their lives. Since that time Haku wields they to own self-defense while you are against foes. If you find yourself protecting himself, it is revealed he’s an excellent when you look at the combat when using Tessen against Oshtor through the Anju’s untrue kidnapping, and that confirms that he may take proper care of himself. He or she is effective at slamming off guards easily if you’re calm rather than much energy. The guy suggests success against the energy from Vurai’s flames, while blocking his periods that have Tessen.

    Even after coming back new Tessen so you’re able to Kuon just like the Haku faked their demise and you will takes over Oshtor’s identity, Kuon falls it as she minds back to Tuskur. But not Haku requires they as well as wields it. Haku along with followed Oshtor’s Katana which is shown to enjoys an effective great mastery towards swordsmanship when he wields they. He nevertheless uses it even just after taking Uitsualnemetia’s cover-up.



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